2016 W2T Treachery II

// Published April 3, 2021 by mgualt

Stored in Mylar at room temp. Dry leaf is pungent, high pitched sweetness with sharp tomato vine pungency.

Quite thick, clearly gushu, slightly juicy, smaller leaves with a significant proportion of tips. Quickly warming along centerline. Green notes but with sweetness underneath. Pleasant empty cup aroma. Sweet perfume but not sharp.

There is a lot of green oolong to the profile at this point. Strong astringency begins in the second and third steeps. There is bitterness but not very high initially. The juiciness is less pronounced now, with quite high astringency.

Overall big, concentrated taste with lots of mouthfeel and astringency. Farmyard/musky resinous wood aroma. Increasingly bitter and astringent with each steep.

Has a very mild roastiness which reminds me of processing style of young Dayi cakes, although this is probably redder processed than those.

Material looks to be good quality as well.

This is a relatively strong tea, with a lot of youthful rough edges. It has a full concentrated taste with plenty of astringency, but there is not as much juiciness, sweetness or plumminess behind it as you would get, suppose, from a 7542. But there is some. The energy is warming and sedating but I would not say it was nearly as strong as some others from W2T, at least for this session. 6.0

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