2021 Mattcha blind tasting: Gamma, or “The Bamboo Bullet”

// Published September 6, 2021 by mgualt

For his Gamma sample, Matt has fired a 200mm round into my gaiwan:

This appears to be a form of puerh known as lokcha, packed in the hollow of a bamboo pole.

The material looks to be of high quality, in the sense of having mostly intact thick leaves with big midribs and deep-serrated edges.

The storage however seems to have been too dry; I would encourage Matt to humidify this one a bit, it would really benefit from it. As it is it drinks like a 2015 production with standard dry storage.

Some char, tight compression, lots of particulate (this happens with too-dry storage). Dark green. Interesting wet leaf sweet spice aroma.

Clear sense of uplift and excitement, As usual with Matt’s selections, they pack a punch in terms of energy.

Quite concentrated, thick, with plenty of bitterness, acridity, astringency and the like. This needs more aggressive storage and I’m sure it will shine!

I don’t often get a chance to taste this kind of tea, thanks again Matt!

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