2011 Dayi 7742

// Published February 5, 2022 by mgualt

Dry leaf is a bit pungent! cat pee! resin.

  1. raisin wet leaf, sweet jam and wood.
  2. sweet aftertaste, a bit roasty, and a quick uplift, tippy and alerting but very nice light honey florals. Processing looks good! not overoxidised
  3. good aftertaste sweetness. Tasty, medium thick, and generally on the lighter side.
  4. Astringency is coming out, juiciness, sweetness. It retains a bit of the roastiness but the sweetness really does shine and there is a woody leathery aspect which reminds me of an aged whisky, not peated.
  5. astringency much more interesting now, strength, has a more serious profile, dark leathery wood but with some of the prune sweetness still there. Getting more bitter and astringent, puckering on the cheeks and not in a bad way. Brassy Juiciness, more of the tippy blend coming through. quite some uplift and good feeling, frisson, warmth, nothing mindblowing but it is solid so far.

My impression is generally positive. Nice taste, good sweetness, and has a good pungent cat pee/honey aroma, and it has some good energy, and I feel good after drinking the tea. It’s not very concentrated and substantial, but for the right price I think it could be worth it, i.e. less than .20/g approximately. It is a bit brassy for my taste. 6.2

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