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// Published May 14, 2022 by mgualt

5.3g/85ml gaiwan, Cedar Springs Water.

Loose compression, large leaves, some vinegary sweet vine aroma on the dry leaf.

There is a bit of a rubber note that jumps out in the first steep. Arrival is oily with a dark green umami flavour profile. Aftertaste is long and deep.

Seems to have some char in the leaves, which would account for the slight burnt note. Some nice perfume on the empty cup. Not smoky, just a few burned leaves.

Oily, green, umami. Quite warming. Low astringency, medium-low bitterness. Quite grounding energy. Stable, not very jittery, but with a kind of constant medium alertness level.

Except for being from Menghai area, this tea reminds me a bit of tea classified as “shengtai” from the Yiwu area. Usually from young trees or former factory plantations, this is kind of a weaker version of the gushu style. It doesn’t command nearly as high of a price, and may not be processed as carefully as tea from the older gardens. Just an impression. The processing being a bit rough is not necessarily a problem – it might be a good thing down the road. Definitely not too aggressive, bitter, or astringent, this provides a thick oily green tea profile with a deep aftertaste and a decent focusing energy. 5.4

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