2003 Millenial Jingmai

// Published July 30, 2022 by mgualt

5.5g/85ml gaiwan. Toronto filtered tap.

Heavy geosmin storage aroma on warmed dry leaf. This has enjoyed Malaysian natural storage, but definitely on the wetter end.

  • Clear dark orange liquor. Dark for its age, the more humid storage is obvious. Interesting bitterness mixed with savoriness.
  • Energy is quite strong and quick. Whole body frisson, heat, and buzzing on the mouth surface. Strong tea. Dominant bitter note, but not striking, somewhat like campari. Bitter herbs with a rich aged background.
  • Empty cup aroma has a slightly musty smell, similar to a musty smell on the dry leaf. old luggage, old car trunk. You get the picture.
  • Defocusing, stoning, relaxing. Warming in a gentle but increasing way.

I hope to revisit this in a year or two, once some of the humid storage dissipates. I like the type of rich savoury wood background with a strong full bitter herbs profile. Strong heating and defocusing. Lacks sweetness and any kind of resinous profile, and it seems that the storage was too humid for this tea. 6.0

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