2004 Yao’an Fuyuanchang

// Published August 6, 2022 by mgualt

Malaysian natural dry storage

5.5g/85ml gaiwan, Toronto filtered tap

Wonderful sweet woody incense aroma on warmed dry leaf. Clear liquor, dark orange, concentrated.

Concentrated flavour, woody incense, bittersweet, lots of strength. Very strong resinous content, pine, cedar. Somewhat similar to Xiaguan profile, but significantly sweeter and less astringent.

Heating spreading from the centerline, enjoyable heating sensation throughout, with a cooling in the throat.

Remarkably strong aroma of unburned sweet woody incense on the empty cup, which transfers to the taste. Agarwood, pine, cedar.

Easy to oversteep, the material seems to be very concentrated. Can withstand several test steeps and still comes out dark and concentrated.

Comfortable energy, much more comfortable than taiwan-stored versions of this cake that I have tried. In other versions, this was much smokier and aggressive. Feeling is quite grounded, warming, calm with reasonable focus.

Old fashioned factory production style, strong concentrated material with good longevity. Great example of sweet woody incense profile. Good storage making this quite comfortable, though it is easily oversteeped. I have tried this tea with less aggressive storage and it had a very long way to go, with much stronger smoke, bitterness and astringency. Thanks to Mike for making this home stored version available from his collection! 6.4


  1. Travis
    August 11, 2022 @ 12:32 pm

    Great review.

    Thanks for sharing.


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