2007 Yexiangwang Naka (W2T)

// Published August 23, 2022 by mgualt

5g/85ml gaiwan, Toronto filtered tap.

Medium-strong compression, small leaves blend. Yellow wash, looks quite dry stored. Slight vinegary aroma on wet leaf

Sweet semi-aged profile. Clean taste. Medium thick liquor.

sweetness continues with plenty of strength. Astringency beginning to build. Second steep shows a bit more orange. Mix of material, medium chop. Lots of interesting herbal/spice notes, and good sweet aftertaste.

Longer test steep: A bit of astringency puckering, strong sweetness, heating in the face. There is a darker note, leather and wood bitters, coming out now.

Following steep is remarkably sweet. Very active in front of mouth. Energy is focusing, vision clarity. This strikes me as a decent quality factory taidi tea from Menghai area. Medium heating continues. Not overly alerting or sedating. Mostly heating in the face.

After 6th steep it weakens considerably but is still pleasant. The alerting aspect does build and it is a tad jittery, but the heating continues.

Thanks to Arby for sending me a sample of this tea, it has been on W2T for ages and I never tried it. 5.5

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