2005 vs 2006 Biyun Hao Manzhuan

// Published November 5, 2023 by mgualt

Very nice looking dry leaf in both cases, though there is a slightly higher proportion of young leaves on the 2006. The 2006 has stronger pungent aroma, but both are resinous. The 2006 has slightly stronger compression, but the center of the 2005 cake is strongly compressed. Overall the differences are not great. The material looks excellent, with beefy looking leaves and tons of trichomes.

2005 BYH Manzhuan

Resinous, strong mouthfeel and sweetness.

Very faint smoke, dark woody profile, licorice.

Stronger Medicinal bitter woods profile

Even stronger wood bitters. Medicinal, sedating

Oily and warming even in the late steeps

2006 BYH Manzhuan

Woody, pungent resinous sweetness. Sweeter and more tangy than 05. Wet leaf has a bit of wood oily aroma.

Furniture polish, rich tannins, strong sweetness.

Thick liquor with plenty of bitterness, leading to sweet and grippy aftertaste.

Very similar in late steeps to 2005, but with a more intense taste.

Leathery notes, stronger grip than 05

The 2006 is marginally stronger than the 2005, very similar and recognizable taste, both are strong ”downer” teas, giving a sense of weight and calm. The 2006 has a bit more going on in terms of high and low notes, specifically the high resinous pungency and the dark leathery aspect, but in both cases you drink this tea for the medicinal punch that it packs. I have served these teas several times for groups and more often than not it is the point at which conversation stops and silence reigns. I would rate them both around 7.9-8.1 depending on the session.

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