Rating system

Starting in 2018 I will try to rate teas using the following rough system.  The reason I am doing this is to help understand my own preferences.  This is not intended to be an objective measure of a tea’s merit, and it is subject to change with each subsequent tasting.

9.4-10 A+ [Timeless, legendary]
8.6-9.3 A [Masterpiece. Blown away in a devastating way.]
7.8-8.5 A- [Near-masterpiece, very great.  Blown away.]
7.0-7.7 B+ [Great, a holistic success]
6.2-6.9 B [Has a special something, a positive attribute that stands out and impresses]
5.4-6.1 B- [Enjoyable, could drink regularly but not impressive]
4.6-5.3 C+ [Indifferent, this is a tea that exists, nothing impressive or off-putting]
3.8-4.5 C [A noticeable negative reaction, would not reach for the tea.]
3.0-3.7 C- [Strong negative reaction but still drinkable]
0-2.9 F [Total failure, undrinkable]