2006 DTH Yiwu

// Published September 25, 2016 by mgualt

Sept 25, 2016, 4.7g in 80ml Novak pot [8.2]

Damp leaf: fireplace, spicy sweet furniture polish, no off-notes, very nice. no graininess.

Wash: strength feeling, medium thickness, some sweetness and some aftertaste salivation.

  1. Sweet strength, slightly smoky, active on tongue, salivation. Aroma is unusually sweet and pungent. The aroma is remarkable, new to me, very familiar but I can’t pin it down, possibly a perfume or a type of flower. Hints of raisins, dried figs. Already feeling frisson on back and uplifting energy.
  2. Very intense pungent aroma, especially on empty cup, a fascinating variant of the yiwu pungent florals. Need to figure out what it is. Strength on tongue, can feel some tannins
  3. Big head/spine effect, frisson, persisting aroma, permeating.
  4. Banana nut bread, baking spices, grandmother? Not super thick but high thickness. Big taste, coating the whole mouth and throat.
  5. Very uplifting. Unique aroma persists. Heat spreading, chest outwards. Long aftertaste, remarkable frisson effect.
  6. Sweet return after a long delay, arrival is mildly sweet and herbal but the aftertaste is juicy with increasing sweetness. Waves of energy about head and neck, back.  Persisting aroma!
  7. Longer steep this time — amazing force of waves in abdomen and back, circulating in the abdomen. Strong beautiful aroma. Long-lasting body effect uplift continues for a good hour (break)

Steeps 8-15 continue having enjoyable taste and aroma, strength effect, with longer and longer steeps. Material has thick stems and big leaves, though this was loose material coming from the breaking of the cake, so there are quite a lot of broken leaves.

This tea has a very unique aroma and a strong body effect creating an uplifting and sensual experience. Really remarkable tea. It compares very favourably with e.g. the Wistaria Ziyin Nannuo, and possibly the Qingteng though I have to retaste those.  Highly recommended.

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