2017 white2tea samples

// Published September 2, 2017 by mgualt

A tasting of 2017 teas from White2tea:

  1. Manichee (.40/g)
  2. Bellweather (.45/g)
  3. Pussy (.45/g)
  4. Anniversary cake (.50/g)
  5. She’s not me (.60/g)
  6. Fuck what you heard (.95/g)

In terms of preferences:

Pussy  > Anniversary cake  > > >  Bellweather > > Manichee > > Fuck what you heard > She’s not me

In 2016 I tasted a number of W2T productions and I had a number of issues with it in terms of super green floral notes.  I am much much happier with the 2017, or at least the six listed above.  Bellweather and She’s not me had some hints of these problems but not the others.

Pussy and  the anniversary cake rated much higher for me than any of the others. I like them almost equally, and rated the Pussy higher just because of the unbelievable strength of the pungent resinous aroma.  In terms of intensity of content and well-roundedness, these two seem obvious favourites to me, I liked them much better than any of the 2015 teas I sampled, for example.

I will be doing a direct comparison of Pussy vs a similar 2017 BYH Yiwu production in my next review.


1. Manichee

Damp, there is a vinegary but mild aroma with funk. Wash is very light, and not great, but gives a mini-frisson.

  1. Good strength on tongue. Low taste and aroma. Gyokuro green brightness.
  2. Not big, subtle, very nice ECA. Complex. Getting a lot of frisson. Mineral mouthfeel. Strength effect on the upper mouth is unusually powerful. Finish is complex briny, very “serious” profile. Aroma and sweetness come but much later, more than a minute after swallow. Frisson body effect.
  3. More briny and savoury. Subtle. Almost no ECA at all. Nuttiness. Roasted grains. Late sweetness. Very subtle, uplift is clear. Eye qi.
  4. Now takes more yellow colour. Medium thickness. Low aroma. Very pure green, not sweet.  Jaw and face numb. Very good full body qi. Residual strength. No sweetness in aftertaste. Aroma appears more than 2 mins after swallow.
  5. Increasingly good aftertaste, salivation, briny, again not sweet.
  6. Savoury, melon. Heat radiating. Emergent aroma in the mouth. Sweet very late.
  7. Very chicken brothy. Wow huge blasts of energy now. Frisson about face, body.
  8. No aroma on liquor or ECA. but remarkable body effect.
  9. Not bitter or astringent. Very green though. Frisson.

Overall: Very big qi. Low taste. Low to no aroma except emergent. Not bitter or astringent.

2. Bellweather

Damp the aroma is smoky, and darker vinegar.  Wash is dark and deep in profile. Sweet aftertaste, slight smoke. Some ECA.

  1. Wet leaf has green but also complex aroma, some barnyard. Very good huigan sweetness and frisson. Very nice depth on the center tongue, throat.  Nice
  2. ECA very good. Some oolong but very good aroma and flavour.
  3. Medium thickness. Green and grassy
  4. ECA good. Sweet huigan. Depth, and heat. medium astringency begins. Quite bitter when cool.
  5. Slight oolong/green persists but flavour is quite strong. Frisson, uplift.
  6. More complex taste now. Oily and briny, salivation. Good astringency and strength of mouthcoat.  Big flavour, thick base. I like it quite a lot, despite the slight oolong notes.
  7. Savoury-briny-tart arrival leads to much salivation and later sweetness. Major alertness and uplift. Floating sensation.  Lightness with much heat and cooling. Very nice experience
  8. Some incense notes on the aroma. Definitely good. Persistent green vegetal note on the late steeps.

I prefer this to the Manichee in all respects except for the slightly more green profile. Much more well-rounded than Manichee in terms of flavour and aroma.

3. Pussy

Dry, the tea has remarkably pungent floral winey aroma. Strongest and most pungent of any 2017 tea I’ve had or of the 2016 teas too.  Quite remarkable. The wash is very light in colour and the ECA is light but good.

  1. Very good huigan comes quickly and lasts long. Superb ECA. Rich perfume aroma. Ridiculously good aroma and the huigan is very good.
  2. Arrival is green-sweet leading to much more salivation and sweetness. Bitterness is quite strong. Superb ECA. Wow. Alertness. Heat on ears. Remarkable energy.
  3. Huge flavour and aroma. Sweet aftertaste. More heat from the chest, ears, radiating. Heat is similar to the WS Qingteng. Very long aftertaste which transforms bitter –> Sweet —> Salty.
  4. Medium thickness. Very nice resinous-woody aroma. The pungency is not as high and goes toward more woody notes. Waves of frisson coming over a massive heating underneath.  Grape skins. Frisson uplift is very strong.
  5. Thickness continues, it’s much thicker now. Major waves of frisson from neck down to ribs. Strength on the sides of the tongue.
  6. The huigan continues to 9 steeps, big body of taste, briny. Very intense.

My favourite of the six W2T I’ve tried, with an overwhelming pungent perfumed aroma which develops into an incense-like darker pungency, and with a great huigan and body-mind effect.  Lots of bitterness and greenness as well as astringency, but the concentration of taste and aroma is remarkable and unusual.

4. Anniversary cake

Dry there is some grass and resin sweetness on the aroma, but not super strong.  Wet, there is tomato vine, resin and vinegar. The wash is sweet and with an interesting sharp tart huigan. Very good ECA. Sharp taste is very nice, not the usual profile. Energy starts, with much alerting, tea has lots of strength.

  1. Light colour, greenish yellow. herbal sweet honey. Very thick. Active on tongue, sides and center. Quite striking to the tongue, sharp. Some barnyard. Great pungent ECA.  Deeper and more heavy perfume than the Pussy, though not as loud.  Full flavour, sweet, with savoury and briny aspects.
  2. Liquor aroma is relatively low. Oiliness is superb. Intensity of the taste as it hits the tongue is the best part.  ECA delicate floral but clear. Much more savoury than the pussy.  ECA emanates everywhere. Intensity on the tongue is like a canteloupe style of experience or how whisky attacks the tongue.  Long lasting ECA.
  3. Super floral aroma. Activates tongue. Rough on cheeks.
  4. Strong bitter complex taste. Super strong aroma more than previous steeps. Strong on sides of tongue especially.
  5. Oily savoury aspect is increasing. More bitter
  6. Oiliness with lingering strength coating effect very strong. Not sweet. Energy, power. Relaxing. Long lingering taste of sweetness on tongue sides.
  7. Thick texture, mintiness. Some woody taste now. ECA still good. Bitter.
  8. Oily, good aroma. Has some of the Jingmai style but not so floral. ECA good.

More aggressive, darker than Pussy, with a darker appearance too. I like the way it attacks the tongue.  Juicy and intense huigan. Subtle incense aromas. Not aroma-forward. Fully body frisson with relaxation – major body effect.  And it does depress the rear tongue and throat.  Bitter and aggressive but it’s a good one.

5. She’s not me

Dry, it has pungent vinegar as well as deep sweetness with powdery perfume. Very nice.  Wet, there is a clear oolong note, followed by sweet grains. Wash is light, salivating, slight smoke, and good huigan.

  1. Wet leaf is quite green bright floral. Thick. Coating. Green. Low aroma. Good aftertaste. Sweeter than the Manichee
  2. Very thick. Nice tongue activity on the whole back half of tongue. Savoury-sweet depth feeling. Warm shoulders, deep stomach feeling. Very hot feeling, sunny pavement. Nutty, slightly dissociative mental effect.
  3. More gasoline-oil-sweetness now. Frisson. Upper chest effect. Aroma is only emergent, nice combination of floral and green sweetness.
  4. Best aspect is the gasoline sweet tongue coating as well as the intense heating qi with frisson. and again quite dissociative makes you a bit loopy. Long aftertaste. Lower rear ribs very active
  5. Dominant taste is green, bitter, not weet. Juicy in the late aftertaste. Some of the high florals again, like Jingmai.
  6. Bitter but very nice complex development.

I enjoyed the oiliness and strength of this one, but I tend not to like the ones that make you a bit crazy, and also this one is quite bright green with oolong notes.

6.Fuck what you heard

Dry leaf is slightly pungent, damp it is very savoury with tomato vine. Wash has some smoke and barnyard on gaiwan lid.

  1. Thick texture. Excellent empty cup aroma of very sweet florals. Wet leaf vegetal. Long residual sweetness. Very long indeed.
  2. Green and bitter. Strength coating on upper mouth and tongue. Not Yiwu-like at all. More bitter, like Bulang, Pasha, some Jingmai.  Residual is juicy with bitterness.
  3. Very striking bitterness with a spicy aftertaste. Unusual bitterness. Heat starting. Bold mania-style qi.
  4. Very good texture, oily and thick. ECA still good.
  5. Major brutal energy. Floral aroma. Lots of huigan. Strong tea. Frisson
  6. Slightly reduced bitterness. Good. High florals, good aftertaste. Strong bitterness but mild astringency.

Difficult one for me. Super strong and not a Yiwu profile.  This one is definitely not for drinking anytime soon. At least for me. I rate this one low but in principle there is no problem with it, it may be the best in 10 years’ time, who knows.


  1. Morgan
    September 15, 2017 @ 12:51 am

    Just discovered your blog and I’ve really enjoyed going through your archives. We share an affection for many of the same teas and producers. Can you tell me what you mean by ECA, though? I’ve not hear this term, or acronym, before.
    Thanks and best regards,

    • mgualt
      September 15, 2017 @ 1:35 am

      I’m glad you find the reviews useful. ECA = empty cup aroma. Its not viewed as very important for puerh but I think it is a good indicator. Usually it is a pungent residual aroma on the dry cup, and can vary a lot in a session.


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